Opening letter

Welcome to the baddest tech blog. This post serves the content which will be served here in the future, and what will they cover.

First, to introduce myself, I will say that I have been in the tech sphere for over 5 years now and have a pretty good understanding on how things work and what is good for a general consumer, at least in India.

Tech news

This will be the bread-and-butter of the blog. Latest tech news about mobile technology, PC building and general tech, all accessible from right here. I will try to keep the amount of content low due to quality reasons and will be published quickly. 

All the interesting products from various types of products and announcements of new technologies will be posted, granted they are decently interesting. 


This will be limited to the products I or someone I know owns and I think is good enough to be reviewed from a perspective that hasn't been covered. It will have my personal insights and will have long-term follow-ups covered later, something which is badly lacking in most reviews. 

I will also cover the modifications I used in the products to give me the optimal experience. 

Knowledge articles

This is what you are going to see to be most interesting of the articles and will solve many misconceptions that are plaguing the current market. Hopefully they will make a positive impact for the readers of this blog. 

I am really hoping this to be an amazing journey to my trial as a technology blogger. Let's see how it goes.

Signing off. 


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